Friday, September 12, 2008

Farewell Delegate Terrie Suit

Wednesday brought the sad news that Delegate Terrie Suit (R-Virginia Beach) will step down on October 12 to take a lobbyist job at Richmond firm Williams Mullen.  Delegate Suit has proven over her 8 years that she is a steadfast champion of the House Republican "business first" agenda  and a staunch opponent of leftist boondoggles like education and civil rights. 

I would like to extend my sympathy to the good Delegate, life from here will not be easy. I hope she can bear the loss of her General Assembly salary and the new burden of having to take a year off before she can exploit her relationships with former colleagues to bring taxpayer money to your clients.  

But on the bright side being a lobbyist means you can personally cash in on your devotion to the interests of developers and the Chamber of Commerce, rather than having to spend it on the ugly business of campaigning.  And of course, the tiresome work of pretending to represent your actual constituents will now be a job for someone else. 

Here's hoping that Speaker Bill Howell and Delegates Morgan Griffith, Jeff Frederick, and Kirk Cox, among others, consider a similar career move. 

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