Monday, September 22, 2008

What's Going on with Thelma Drake?

Watching Thelma Drake's campaign in the VA-2nd, I wondered by she would be running on the same  "drill baby drill" rhetoric that Republicans across the country are using as a Hail Mary to stop what could be an historic beatdown in November. She represents a heavily military district and sits on the Armed Services Committee, it seems odd that she's focusing so much on offshore drilling, especially when some military officials oppose the idea

As I was pondering this question, it dawned on me that Rep. Drake's support for drilling may be her idea of a distraction from her vote against Jim Webb's "21st Century G.I. Bill," a bill that was passed and signed over her opposition and will provide assistance to a lot of people in her district. 

I can't imagine the people of the 2nd District were thrilled when Thelma came home and tried to explain that she voted against rewarding their service because she was afraid to buck President Bush, so perhaps this "all drilling all the time" campaign she's running is her way of changing the channel.  

Between now and November I hope her opponent Glenn Nye and VA Beach/Norfolk Democrats do the right thing and put the focus of this race back where it belongs, on Drake's unfettered support of George W. Bush and how she voted to hang her constituents out to dry.

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