Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting in on the Ground

Today's Survey USA poll puts Obama up by 4 (50%-46%) in Virginia, a welcome number given how Obama's numbers have slid in state polls around the country in the past few days. 

All polls should be taken with a grain of salt, but it is encouraging to see the race in Virginia so close, especially since this year's Democratic ballot is full of candidates who have a proven ability to find their voters and bring them to the polls. The Obama and Warner campaigns, in partnership with the DPVA's coordinated campaign, have amassed a field organization the likes of which we have never seen in Virginia.

The massive voter registration and identification effort that Democrats have been running all summer will pay serious dividends come November, especially if the the race here comes down the stretch neck and neck. When all other things are equal, the candidate with the strongest turnout machine is the favorite, and at this point it is hard to imagine John McCain and Jim Gilmore building anything close to the ground game that Democrats currently have in place.

With just 49 days left, Virginia Democrats must keep their foot on the gas and fight the McCain-Palin lies and smears at the doors and on the phones. Volunteer here!

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