Monday, September 15, 2008

Thelma Drake: A History of Intellectual Incuriosity and "Soundbite Republicanism"

The Shad Plank currently features slides used by Thelma Drake to make some point about energy, or something. The document's charming typo's and grammatical errors would be surprising coming from a Congresswoman, if that Congresswoman were anyone but our dear Thelma Drake. For example:

Thelma Drake’s bipartisan energy allows Virginia and other coastal states to decide on whether or not to drill from 25 miles to 50 miles off the coastline. Additionally, 50 miles out to 200 miles would be open for drilling with newer, environmentally sensitive techniques.

That's right. Much like Chuck Norris, Rep. Drake has enough bipartisan energy herself to coax the oil right out of the ground and into the gas tanks of hard-working real Americans like you and me.  That's great, because without her bipartisan energy, no energy relief will come from that proposal for at least 10 years. 

Thelma Drake’s bipartisan bill uses offshore leasing revenues to create a Conservation Reserve, and Environmental Restoration Reserve, and a Renewable Energy Reserve. Additionally, a portion of the revenues are devoted to fund LIHEAP – providing energy assistance to low-income households.

Thelma also plans to combine this "drill baby drill" revenue with the oil profits we've been hauling in from Iraq for the past five years to take everyone in America out for an ice cream cone.

While the rest of the country has run away screaming, Thelma Drake stands squarely George W. Bush-land, sipping her glass of Kool Aid. While she, Eric Cantor and her Republican colleagues moan and wail in poorly written, typo-laden White House talking points, we can only hope that the Democrats will work hard to pass an energy plan without them that will actually bring Americans some relief, move us away from petroleum (foreign and domestic) and help us fight global warming.

Read Thelma's Trainwreck Presentation

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