Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thelma Drake Disappoints Again

As this Virginia Pilot editorial points out, Thelma Drake's insistence upon hijacking a debate with her opponent Glenn Nye to question him about his residence status while he was working in Iraq is yet another troubling example of just how little Drake has to offer the people of Virginia.

Rather than admit to her unwavering support for the Bush Administration, or explain to her heavily military constituents why she voted against a bill that would have provided many of them with increased educational benefits, she took every opportunity she could to level nasty, hackish attacks at Nye for declaring a home in Washington D.C. as his primary residence while he was working for the State Department in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is a fairly common practice among those in the armed services.

Drake seems to be going out of her way in this campaign to talk about anything but the issues. I guess I can't blame her, if I'd just spent four years of unmitigated failure in Congress, I would probably want to change the subject as well.

Daily Press: Drake's Shot at Nye's Taxes Fires Blank

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Anonymous said...

The newspaper is The Virginian Pilot, not the Daily Press. (Pilot covers Southside, Press covers Peninsula.)