Friday, September 19, 2008

Stuck in Traffic? Thank Bill Howell

A precipitous drop in revenues due to the current economic crisis means that Virginia will have $125 million less for road maintenance and construction over the next two years, and $739.9 million less over the next 6.

As we face a serious budget shortfall this year, we should remember a time when the anti-tax Republican House leadership stood in the door and insisted upon using the SURPLUS as the source of long term transportation funding in Virginia. Two years later, there is no surplus and thus thanks to Bill Howell and his right-wing caucus, funding for maintenance and construction is SHRINKING. 

 Two years ago Howell and his Rat Pack had the opportunity to work with Governor Kaine and Senate Republicans to pass a statewide transportation package that would be funded and producing results today.  Back then politics came first and as a result we are faced with a far worse scenario in 2008. 

2009 had better be the year when Bill Howell, Morgan Griffith and Kirk Cox come up with a few ideas to get us out of this mess, or 2010 will be the year they find themselves in the minority. 

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